About us

Simply Mortgage Solutions was founded by Joel Jones to provide a truly personal Mortgage and Protection service.

Simply Mortgage Solutions is a team of industry experts offering a service which will guide you through the process of buying a home and getting the right protection for your self and your property. We search thousands of mortgage deals to find the right one for you and make the process stress-free and straightforward. We also are very passionate about you and your loved ones. Our experts will also look in to your protections needs to ensure that loved one are not left alone to fulfill any shortfall in case of a life changing event is to take place.

Mortgage adviser around a table.

About Joel

Joel's career in financial services spans over the last 2 decades.  He started at Lloyds at the age of 17 working in a back office operations of the international chaps payments department. From there he became a business collections adviser working with RBS commercial services and progressed to a Team Leader in Complaints arena for all collections and recoveries customers.

Following from here Joel got into the mortgages arena with RBS and grew passionately in doing the right thing for customers.

Having worked in the mortgage industry for a number of years Joel realised that there was a greater need in the industry to provide customers a better service in regards to providing the right outcome for each customer and to ensure that they are treated fairly in understanding the vast mortgage and protections industry.



The above meaning translating to English is "my word is my bond" essentially, a pact is an agreement between two or more people where promises are exchanged, what is meant by these words is that Simply Mortgage Solutions will keep to there ethical and customer focused principals.

Treating Customers Fairly is at the heart of what Simply Mortgage Solutions stands for.